Friday, 11 December 2009

Smack My Kitsch Up, FYS Xmas Market :)

Awww I loved loved loved today. Kim hired out the Wee Red Bar for this weeks project which was 'Production'. We had to make the best thing we've ever made, reproduce it 6 times, package and sell it.

I made Nigella's Choc Fudge Cake and packaged them individually with 6 different designs. The designs were pretty random, involving a background of packaging e.g Silver Spoon Icing Sugar package or a Chocolate wrapper or Butter wrapper.. and a photo coinciding with the colour scheme and some text.

They turned out pretty well! Although the quality of the print isn't as good as it could have been as they were colour photocopies...anywho.

I loved everyones stalls, there was so much random stuff. I particularly like Sophie Cunningham's little monster teddy bears with beans and lavender in.
Once I had sold my cake I went to buy a teddy which will be made this week! Yayyyy!

Here's a few photos...


There weren't any tables left. Pretty sweet armchair though.

Yeah they LOVED it.

Graze box and cake and shiny mother of pearl pear from the British Heart Foundation and Buzzcocks downloaded on iplayer and James and seeing friends next week and being home and seeing my dogs and eating free food...happy.

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