Tuesday, 30 March 2010

mmm illustration

I really want to draw after looking at this :


Walked past a building site and the boards surrounding it had artwork from the HigginsonHurst Illustration Agency.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

studio music time

thanks to the person who was playing a good playlist this afternoon in the studio, with this song on it. Not heard it in tiiiiime, and it happened to fit perfectly for a typography project I'm trying to do.

Video quality isn't that great but its nice.

some more M.I.A loving, found on Cockburn Street

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tomer Hanuka

In love with these prints for Some Young Punks wine...shame I hadn't heard he was selling limited edition prints in feb..



mmmmm posters http://omgposters.com

hahaha so good

Americans just don't get it

Monday, 22 March 2010

Sunday, 21 March 2010

y'know like my face on a sneaker is a trip y'know

sooo, I've been doing my research portfolio on collaborations between street art and streetwear.
Along my way I came across this cringey video of Slick trying to string a sentence together and sound cool but failing...

"Like my FACE on a sneaker is a trip y'know? Like my boys from Hawaii are gonna trip out y'know like daaaaaaaaammmmnnn y'know? I'm the first boy from Hawaii to have their face on an Adidas sneaker."

Shut upppp. Nowadays it's not really that cool to be associated with the giants like Adidas if you're bothered about quality of the product and the ethos behind the product...
(you should see the Adidas Originals Girls S/S 10 collection promo video, its even has that girl from The City in it AAAAHHH HOW AMAZING....)

Instead check out (if you haven't already) these exciting brands and distributors. They are much cooler, much better and yeah just go look.

Patta http://www.patta.nl/index2.php

Norse Projects http://www.norseprojects.com/ 
(I looove)

Supreme http://www.supremenewyork.com/

Stussy http://www.stussy.com

oki-ni http://www.oki-ni.com/

mmm hello

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


"James Gilroy right...u probs know that this song was number one when you where born...but the scary thing is she's kinda like you...the dancing! and the opening line about her friends thinking she's crazy... and look at fatboy slim on the bass. xxx"

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Aww thank you to me buddies who have made my 20th a real good birthday :)

Here's some sweet handmade cards I was given!

Made by my sister Alison http://alison-hayes.co.uk/

Made by my James :) http://1netrickpony.blogspot.com/

by Robbie

and a beautiful card from Mother and Father Hayes, made and bought in Venice!

from brother George :), Ge Feng

Also thank you to Amy for my pot of mallow fluff and baking book :) and to brother George for an amazing photography book, 'Photo-Wisdom., Master Photographers on Their Art'. 

And to Aunty Susan & Co, Grandpa and Grandma and anyone I've missed!

Thank you James for a wonderful weekend! Everyone should go here once in their life...http://www.thewitchery.com/, unforgettable.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Intermedia, series of photos of The Canal

'to see'

'faic' Scottish Gaelic for 'to see'

This is a preliminary set up of only two out of the four in the series. I will go out on another sunny day and position them better in their suitable locations along the river.

The brief was titled 'Journey'. I approached it wanting to make the passer by's journey more relaxed and enjoyable by slowing them down and making them 'see' what is around them, to notice things that might interest them or make them see their everyday 'Journey' in a new light.

The idea stemmed from a personal relaxed journey on a sunny day through Old Town and the Meadows in Edinburgh. My journeys are usually rushed but on this one I was relaxed and walking to get my photos developed with no pressure to rush. I observed things more closely, how everything looked different in the sunlight - calmer, more peaceful and friendly. I walked down the path to the Meadows (which a few hours before had been swamped with people marching through on an Anti Racism rally) and had just been speaking to mother Jane. I watched the huge police horses marching up the path, and instead of thinking about why they were there, I thought about how much I love horses and miss being around them. It conjured up fond memories of my childhood.

The next thing I observed was a toddler who was so intrigued by a man playing some skin drums that he kept ignoring his mum calling to him so the man playing the drums stopped and was saying "go back to mummy, to mummy!". The Meadows was full of families taking their kids to the playground and people walking their dogs and students playing tag rugby. So much was going on that I was grateful I had the time to take it all in on my relaxed Journey.

This is what I want the passerby to experience, just to simply slow down and take in their surroundings and not be rushing and rushing to do the next thing. 

I took the photos on a sunny day using my Olympus OM-1, a wonderful combination to produce nice grainy bright prints. The 'to see' verbs on each board are languages of the top four Nationalities in Edinburgh - Scottish, English, Irish and Polish. I used Scottish and Irish Gaelic. This and the small size of the type is intended to slow down the passerby by making them want to get closer to read/translate it.

yup. That's it. Better images of the project will follow...

dis is me yo

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Stolenspace is exhibiting work from Ericailcane, DEM & Will Barras until 7th March (if you're about, definitely worth a look).
I loved Ericailcane's stuff, nice little funny paintings of animals in various situations. There was a really nice book of his work, showing his images opposite kiddy drawings...I should have got it. Anywho, here's a few photos from the exhibition courtesy of www.stolenspace.com.

Just realised I've seen his work about in East, the giant rabbit skeleton on some warehouse door shutters, a few weeks later it was the internal organs of the rabbit..wonder what it is now. Also, think I've got a pic of a rat or something he did..I'll post it up.


ahh it's a squirrel not a rat :) not best quality photo though.

stumbled across this on itunes shuffle