Monday, 14 December 2009

quick visit to london this weekend!

Popped down for one night on Saturday and spent the Sunday at the Christmas Vintage Market.

Lots of cool stuff to choose from for xmas presents, the following are the particular stalls I liked:

Zeena Shah, Printed Textile Designer

Her stall had lots of little things including hand printed cushion covers, notebooks, teddys etc. All cute stuff, but it stood out from the other stalls as being more unique and that a lot of love had gone into the work.
It seems she went to Chelsea college from this link :

Mel Simone Elliott, Artist/Designer/Art Director

I vaguely remember seeing these maps but I don't think I realised it said 'You Are My World'. That's really lovely.
From her website: "Boys like maps, girls like romance - FACT.
So why not get your other half a print of an accurate, hand-drawn world map with a soppy message subtly emblazoned all over it? It's a win win situation."

I also thought her little colour me in zines were pretty cool...


"LANDFILL is an arts and music publisher based in London, founded winter 2009.

Much of our printed content is produced on our Riso RP 3105ep via our sister group - MANYMONO."

These prints really stood out because of the quality and detail but also because they were bright green. I probably would have bought them if they were in a different colour, perhaps a variety of red/pink hues.

The company sounds really do some research into them.

There was also a really nice bakery stall too called Bee's Bakery, that did nice ginger bread typography biscuits and shortbread and mini filo pastry mince pies. Mmm. They don't have a website though.
They specialise in "bespoke wedding & celebration cakes, cupcakes & cookies."

Also, I recommend the Chicken Fajita wrap from the Mexican stall in the Truman Gallery, it will feed you for a good day or two...even though I carried on eating...haha.

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  1. Yo!

    Landfill here, glad you like the prints, once we raise some money we'll but new colour drums and be printing in a whole load of new colours.

    Mailing list link below: for colour updates!