Sunday, 6 December 2009

London Town

OTP's 'It's Grim Up North' Exhibition at Reebok lounge Wed 2nd Dec,

(me and my bros legs lookin arty)

Really good night, everyones work looked amazing! Went wayyyyy too fast though!

I extended my stay for the weekend, and fitted in some street art spotting and gallery visiting..

Love Space Invaders way of tagging by helium balloons...god knows how he/they attached them to the lamp posts, they're so high up!

All i remember from thurs is a massive plate of sausage and mash and cauliflower cheese at this place
Friday, we went to Saatchi Gallery and the NPG for the Photographic Portrait Prize.
We wandered around town, got a bit lost, but eventually found the shop selling OTP's limited edition Tee's. They had all but one sold out the day after the exhibition. woop.

My favourite piece at the Saatchi Gallery. 'Kiss Tras Kismet' by Sterling Ruby I loved how glossy and oozing it was, I wanted to touch it. I also loved the awkwardness of the type on the really nice old quality wood. Yummy.

I wasn't that impressed with the NPG Photographic Portrait Prize though..been looking forward to it all year. What got my goat was the photo of a girl in her underwear in a toilet looking guilty and scared of the packet of chips in the sink. A very posh couple next to me were discussing it "Oh look she must be anorexic and maybe feeling guilty." The woman, "Oh yes she must be feeling guilty for eating the chips..". Oh brilliant, another cliche of the female form and anorexia and media and wanting to be thin, yada yada ya. Someone pointed out that the girl is the photographers friend, and it seems it was a staged image. I dislike staged images. It won the Elle award and another award...personally its very easy to digest, what you see is what you get, which is why its won awards..but photography shouldn't be that lazy and straightforward.

On the other hand, I loved 'Circe' by Nathan Small. A photo for a mens magazine of a topless woman in the desert. It was taken with little and disappearing natural daylight so the shot is quite shadowy and cold. I really liked it because the quality of the print and the environment it was taken in is as shady and dark as the purpose of the image for a mens magazine.

Meant to go to FABRIC on friday night, but failed. Went to a pretty sweet warehouse apartment party on Saturday...more pictures to come when my photos are developed!

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