Sunday, 21 March 2010

y'know like my face on a sneaker is a trip y'know

sooo, I've been doing my research portfolio on collaborations between street art and streetwear.
Along my way I came across this cringey video of Slick trying to string a sentence together and sound cool but failing...

"Like my FACE on a sneaker is a trip y'know? Like my boys from Hawaii are gonna trip out y'know like daaaaaaaaammmmnnn y'know? I'm the first boy from Hawaii to have their face on an Adidas sneaker."

Shut upppp. Nowadays it's not really that cool to be associated with the giants like Adidas if you're bothered about quality of the product and the ethos behind the product...
(you should see the Adidas Originals Girls S/S 10 collection promo video, its even has that girl from The City in it AAAAHHH HOW AMAZING....)

Instead check out (if you haven't already) these exciting brands and distributors. They are much cooler, much better and yeah just go look.


Norse Projects 
(I looove)




mmm hello

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