Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Aww thank you to me buddies who have made my 20th a real good birthday :)

Here's some sweet handmade cards I was given!

Made by my sister Alison http://alison-hayes.co.uk/

Made by my James :) http://1netrickpony.blogspot.com/

by Robbie

and a beautiful card from Mother and Father Hayes, made and bought in Venice!

from brother George :), Ge Feng

Also thank you to Amy for my pot of mallow fluff and baking book :) and to brother George for an amazing photography book, 'Photo-Wisdom., Master Photographers on Their Art'. 

And to Aunty Susan & Co, Grandpa and Grandma and anyone I've missed!

Thank you James for a wonderful weekend! Everyone should go here once in their life...http://www.thewitchery.com/, unforgettable.

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