Tuesday, 12 January 2010

IdN Editorial Design Issue...juicy stuff

I've just watched the DVD supplied with this issue of IdN.

The London Burble really fascinated me.

"The Burble is a massive structure reaching up towards the sky, composed of approximately 1000 extra-large helium balloons each of which contains microcontrollers and LEDs that create spectacular patterns of light across the surface of the structure.
The public, both audience and performer, come together to control this immense rippling, glowing, bustling 'Burble' that sways in the evening sky, in response to movements of the long articulated interactive handle bar at the base of the structure."

fun art

There was a guy at the end (http://clintprints.wordpress.com) who was showing the camera around his homemade print workshop. I really need to get into the print rooms at college (if I'm allowed).

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  1. Sarah, Nice blog. Thanks for mentioning me. I'm the guy that shot that video in the screenprinting shop. That issue of iDN was great and I was stoked to be a part of it. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!