Tuesday, 13 April 2010

music, old tapes, old records found by james

Whilst in London with James I've been lucky enough to have been listening to some great music from found tapes with old John Peel radio sessions on and some hip hop reggae mixes on some tapes given to James by a friend, to numerous records from his collection. It's so lovely for people to share their interests and fascination in music through mixtapes and record collections etc.
I've since found some dodgey mini disc tapes I made and listened to when I was younger, I'm sure they will provide some nice nostalgia and embarassment. Also found my mini disc player, cassette player and gameboy colour with two Pokemon games and Worms hahah. Joy.

Also today James showed me this ace little stall near Old Street that sells amazing magazines often a few months old for £1 each...got some beauties.

I reckon I'll need some nice boxes for hoarding things. Theres some gorgeous painted fruit boxes being chucked out on brick lane all the time...mmmmmm.

Aint no time like the present.

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